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Facial Reconstruction

Skin cancers of the facial tissue are typically not life threatening, but certainly can be locally destructive. The most common skin cancers are basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer. When these cancers are removed, the resultant tissue defect is often unsightly and needs plastic surgery repair. Many patients have a specialized dermatologic surgeon called a Mohs surgeon remove their facial skin cancers. And many of these Mohs surgeons then refer their patients to a plastic surgeon to have the facial defect repaired. Each skin cancer is slightly different and each repair process is unique. And while there is no way to completely restore things exactly as they were before, there are many techniques that can be used that provide a very acceptable end result.

Why choose Wake Plastic Surgery?

Skin cancer defect reconstruction is one of the most satisfying procedures that Dr. Stoeckel and Dr. Purzycki perform. Their techniques and results have been presented at both national and international venues. Almost all of these procedures can be completed using local anesthesia in his private surgical suite setting.

Our Facial Reconstruction Results

What are some common methods of restoring defects of the nose?

What others facial defects are commonly repaired?

Before and After Facial Reconstruction
Before and After Facial Reconstruction at wake plastic surgery cary ncScalp, forehead, and cheek skin cancers are also quite common. The repair of these defects usually involves some type of rotation flap and sometimes a combination of rotation flaps. Fortunately, the blood supply to the face and scalp is quite robust allowing for several reconstruction options. The design of the reconstruction is focused on trying to avoid changes to the normal defining characteristics of the face including the hairline, the position of the eyebrows and eyelids, and the interfaces between the nose, cheek and mouth.

The same principles are used to reconstruct the lips, eyelids, ears, and other facial structures. Dr. Purzycki performs many of these procedures in the private surgical suite with local anesthesia. And most repairs are completed either the day of the cancer removal or the day after.

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