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Lip Augmentation

Wake Plastic Surgery proudly serves Cary, Raleigh, and the surrounding areas.

The lips are an extremely important part of the human face. Most people consider a full lip to be more aesthetic and youthful than a thin one. As we age, the lips tend to lose volume. Restoring volume or just adding volume is a popular procedure chosen by both young and older patients.

Lip Augmentation Highlights

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    • 1 Week
      out of work
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    • 4-6 Week
      Recovery Period
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    • Care Credit Financing
      as low as $111 for
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Why choose Wake Plastic Surgery?

A poorly augmented lip is probably one of the most obvious signs of plastic surgery gone bad. Patients that have too much filler or incorrectly placed lip implants can look quite unusual. Wake Plastic Surgery has a much more conservative approach and wants all of our patients to leave with an enhanced, but natural appearance. The board-certified plastic surgeons and our talented nurse injectors are well versed in natural lip enhancement and he was the first in the area to offer the Surgisil Permalip implant.

Our Lip Augmentation Results

What products are used for natural lip enhancement?

How long is the down time?

Dermal fillers look quite good several hours after they are injected. There is always a chance that bruising develops, but it is the exception and not the rule. The permalip implant is placed using local anesthesia with a procedure that takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. Most patients have some minor bruising and swelling for a few days, but look normal for their 1 week follow up visit. Ideal results are seen at about 2 weeks after the procedures.

How long do the results last?

Dermal fillers last anywhere from 2-10 months depending upon how a patient’s body metabolizes the products. The lips have a high density of blood flow and fillers don’t last as long in the lips as they do in other places on the face. Most patients report sustained results for at least 3 months and a few report noticing an improvement that last up to a year. Permalip implants do not resorb and the results are permanent.

lip augmentation before and after at wake plastic surgery in cary nc

Profile view of 4mm implants in both the upper and lower lips

lip augmentation before and after at wake plastic surgery in cary nc

Oblique view of 4mm Permalip implant in the top lip and 5mm implant on the bottom.

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