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The MedSpa at Wake Plastic Surgery proudly serves Cary, Raleigh, and the surrounding areas.

We are happy to offer the treatment option of Dysport to our aesthetic patients. Dysport is a kind of botulinum toxin called abobotulinum toxin A that has been FDA approved to treat the glabella area of the face or the forehead. Dysport is a treatment option to help smooth existing moderate to severe frown lines on the forehead and can help prevent new ones from forming. Dysport looks natural and does not inhibit movement to the rest of the face. We treat areas of concern conservatively, so that you still look and feel like yourself after treatment. To find out if you a good candidate for Dysport, please schedule a consultation with one of our experienced nurse injectors, Emily or Kristi.

Why choose the Nurse Injectors Wake Plastic Surgery?

At the MedSpa at Wake Plastic Surgery, our highly trained aesthetic nurses have the benefit of the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon on site. The Injectables we use are safe and effective, but there certainly is more risk when they are being administered by someone without the proper training and certification. The nurse injectors at Wake Plastic Surgery have the knowledge, training, and experience and are committed to providing you with the service, safety, and results that you should expect.

Emily has been a registered nurse for 20+ years with 10 years of experience in medical aesthetics with Wake Plastic Surgery. Kristi has been a registered nurse for 9 years and in medical aesthetics for 15 years. She continued to expand her knowledge base with her CANS certification in 2019.  CANS stands for Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and the certification is awarded after extended training and passing a rigorous exam.

Meet the MedSpa Staff

What is Aspire?

Aspire is the patient rewards program by Galderma, the makers of Dysport. Before your treatment, make sure you are signed up with Aspire so that you can start earning points and coupons to redeem towards your Dysport appointments.

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