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Breast Revision

Wake Plastic Surgery proudly serves Cary, Raleigh, and the surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, patients that have one breast surgery are very likely to require another. This is less true with breast reduction and breast lift surgeries without implants. But patients that have breast implants are at significant risk of needing a revision procedure at some point in time.

Breast Revision Highlights

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    • 4-6 Week
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Why choose Wake Plastic Surgery?

Revision breast surgery can be frustrating. Dr. Stoeckel understands this frustration and will be able to effectively communicate the options for improvement in an understanding and clear way. Often, the best solution is only obvious when the root problem is fully understood. Dr. Stoeckel is proficient in clearly identifying these problems, explain them in an easy to understand manner, and work together with you to create the best plan to correct the issues at hand.

Our Breast Revision Results

What types of complications are seen after breast surgery?

What does it look like if I just want to remove my implants?

For many reasons, some women simply want to remove their existing implants without replacing them. Implant removal is often a very simple procedure that can often be completed with just local anesthesia. Breast implants always cause stretching of the skin envelope over time and removal of implants will almost always result in a somewhat “deflated” appearance. The degree of skin retraction after implant removal depends on the skin quality, size of the implants, age, and genetics.

Before and After of Breast Revision at wake plastic surgery cary nc

Implant removal after 1 month. The 300 cc implants were placed 5 years previously.

What is involved with removal and replacement of implants?

Many patients would like to remove their existing implants and replace them with new ones. In some cases, switching out implants is very straightforward and requires very little time or recovery. But for others, the removal and replacement surgery is quite complex and much more difficult than the original implant placement procedure. In most instances, patients are interested in changing the implant volume, pocket location, and possibly combining the exchange with a breast lift procedure. Implant ruptures, capsular contractures, and calcifications can increase the complexity of the implant exchange procedure. The surgery is further complicated when the original implants are oversized and placed in the subglandular position (over the muscle).

Before and after of breast revision at wake plastic surgery cary nc

Implant exchange and vertical mastopexy. 350 cc implants were removed and replaced with 200 cc implants

Before and after of breast revision at wake plastic surgery cary nc

Removal of 300 cc implants and replacement with 325 cc implants

How is a capsular contracture treated?

If a capsular contracture develops, surgery may be required to improve the appearance and feel of the breast implant. There are many different ways to try to correct capsular contractors. The capsule an be incised and released (capsulotomy), it can be removed completely (capsulectomy), or the implant can be removed and the capsule collapsed upon itself. Each of these procedures has their risks and benefits. Mild capsular contractors may respond to medications such as Singulair and Accolate, which are drugs typically used to treat patients with asthma.

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