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Breast Reduction

Wake Plastic Surgery proudly serves Cary, Raleigh, and the surrounding areas.

Breast reduction illustrates the essence of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. The removal of excess breast tissue can help balance body proportions and improve the aesthetics of the breasts. And at the same time, it can reduce or eliminate back and neck pain symptoms that are often the result of redundant breast tissue weight. Many patients also have improvement in headache pain, are able to more effectively exercise, and can function more effectively in social situations.

At Wake Plastic Surgery, we are now only offering cosmetic surgeries and are no longer in network with any insurance plans, nor scheduling insurance-based appointments, but most patients are pleasantly surprised that the out of pocket costs are not as much as might be expected at Wake Plastic Surgery.

Our Breast Reduction Results

Breast Reduction Highlights

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    • BMI of 32
      and below
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    • 1 Week
      out of work
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    • 4-6 Week
      Recovery Period
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    • Care Credit Financing
      as low as $292 for
      36 months
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What conditions can breast reduction surgery improve?

Can breast reduction alter nipple sensitivity?

Breast reduction surgery rarely causes problems with nipple sensitivity. The statistical reports suggest that nipple sensation could be affected in as many as 5-20% of patients, but Dr. Stoeckel sees this issue much less frequently. The chances of altering sensation are more likely with greater tissue resections. But interestingly, in many extremely large reductions, the sensation actually improves. This may be a result of relieving the tension on stretched nerves associated with very large breasts.

Can patients breast-feed after breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery does not affect breast-feeding in the vast majority of patients. Although inability to breast-feed after surgery is a risk, the vertical technique that our surgeons use typically preserves the milk ducts, glandular tissue, and nervous structures required for breast-feeding. It should be noted that up to 10% of women are unable to breast feed even without having breast surgery.

Does breast reduction affect breast cancer detection or treatment?

Breast reduction surgery does not increase the incidence of breast cancer. The internal scarring from surgery can be seen on radiographs and can minimally complicate the interpretation of mammograms. Dr. Stoeckel recommends obtaining a baseline mammogram for patients over the age of 35 to help minimize this issue. The more important thing for patients to know is that having a breast reduction can certainly affect the choices for treatment if breast cancer is ever detected. Breast cancer patients that have had breast reduction should almost always have a complete mastectomy and are not good candidates for lumpectomy surgery.

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