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Chin implant

Much of what makes a face attractive to others is balance and proportion. There are proportions to the facial structures that seem to be more aesthetic than others. Many of the proportions are relative to gender, ethnicity, and culture. But in general, stronger chins are typically found to be more desirable than weak chins.

Why choose Wake Plastic Surgery?

Our surgeons can complete a chin augmentation surgery with either deep sedation anesthesia or even with just local anesthetics in the Wake Plastic Surgery private surgical suite. We use Implantech facial implants to achieve a natural but enhanced facial appearance.

Our Chin Implant Results

How does chin augmentation improve someone’s appearance?

Where are the scars and how is the implant placed?

Before and after of chin implant at wake plastic surgery in cary nc

Top: Scar at 1 month. Bottom: Scar at 6 months

Dr. Stoeckel uses a submental approach for chin implants which places about a 3 cm scar on the undersurface of the chin. Implants can also be placed with an intra-oral approach, which avoids an external scar, but there is a slightly higher risk for both infection and nerve injury. For these reasons, they prefer the submental approach. The scar is very well hidden and difficult to visualize in most patients. The example on the right is a scar that is 1 month old and later at 6 months after surgery.

How difficult is the recovery?

Most patients have very little recovery time. Some patients have bruising that resolves after 7-10 days, but many patient have no bruising at all. The most conspicuous part of the recovery is wearing the compression garment for the first week. Pain is minimal for most patients.

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