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Facial Trauma

Sometimes, things just happen. Accidents happen. People fall. Dogs bite. Cars crash. And sometimes Dr. Stoeckel and Dr. Purzycki will get called to the Emergency Room to help out. The Emergency Room teams are quite good at taking care of most of the issues that come to them. But every once in awhile, a facial injury requires either Dr. Stoeckel or Dr. Purzycki's plastic surgery expertise.

What type of injuries does Dr. Stoeckel and Dr. Purzycki take care of in the Emergency Room?

Emergency Room Calls

Dr. Stoeckel and Dr. Purzycki take Emergency Room calls at Wake Med Cary Hospital and Wake Med Apex Emergency Rooms. If your child, family member, or friend is involved in an accident and needs a plastic surgeon, feel free to ask for Dr. Stoeckel or Dr. Purzycki.

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