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Buttock lift

Buttock improvement surgeries have increased in popularity more than almost any other surgery in recent years. Looking good from behind seems to be just as important as looking good from the front today. There are quite a few options for patients to consider for buttock enhancement, many of which our board-certified plastic surgeons can provide.

Why choose Wake Plastic Surgery?

Buttock enhancement surgeries can result in a dramatic improvement in both shape and size of the buttocks. But the surgeries that are available to achieve such results certainly carry a significant amount of risk. Our surgeons take pride in being able to communicate effectively before surgery to help you decide exactly what risks are worth taking.

Our Buttock Lift Results

What type of procedures are available for buttock contouring?

How effective are buttock implants?

Dr. Stoeckel has not used buttock implants. The use of gluteal implants may be safe and effective for some surgeons, but they are thought to be associated with significant risks including implant displacement and infection. The results that Dr. Stoeckel can achieve with fat grafting are better than what he could achieve with implants. Because of this, he has decided not to offer buttock implants in his practice.

What are the risks associated with lower body lift surgery?

Although the lower body lift procedure can yield striking results in terms of skin tightening of the buttocks, there is a high rate of scar widening and incision healing complications seen with the procedure. For patients that are willing to work through the potential complications, the surgery can be very satisfying. But Dr. Stoeckel wants all of his patients to understand that this particular surgery can often be frustrating for patients that happen to develop issues with incisional wound healing.

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