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William T. Stoeckel, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Cary
and Raleigh, North Carolina

Wake Plastic Surgery in Cary NC Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Wake Plastic Surgery
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Wake Plastic Surgery Founder, Dr. Stoeckel

About William T. Stoeckel, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Wake Plastic surgery Founder, Dr. Stoeckel

“Every day I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him by going to work. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is the avenue in which I am able to follow my passion – helping others with the talents that I have been entrusted. My aim is to treat my patients with the utmost in respect and personalized attention while delivering the most effective and compassionate surgical care. ” – Dr. Stoeckel

William T. Stoeckel
Young Dr. William T. Stoeckel of Wake Plastic Surgery in Cary, NC

Early Years

Dr. Stoeckel was born in Lubbock, Texas to an Air Force pilot and journalism student in 1973. Ron and Lynn Stoeckel moved with their three children from base to base before settling the family in Dayton, Ohio. Academics and athletics were his passions during the formative years. He graduated high school as valedictorian from Dayton Christian High School and then competed as a varsity letterman in golf at Ohio Wesleyan University. Dr. Stoeckel graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from OWU with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He had just started to realize his special interest in medicine and the anatomical sciences.

Dr. William T. Stoeckel of Wake Plastic Surgery in Cary, NC at his graduation

Post Graduate Education

While working as a chemist at his father’s place of business, he completed his Master’s degree in Anatomy at Wright State University. There, he taught the undergraduate anatomy course and tutored the medical students in both anatomy and physiology. Interaction with the medical professionals at Wright State and working in the Emergency Room at Miami Valley Hospital solidified a desire to pursue a career in medicine. He entered medical school at the University of Cincinnati and discovered his calling to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. William T. Stoeckel of Wake Plastic Surgery in Cary, NC in the operating room

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

His success in medical school continued as he completed his integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training at the world-renowned Wake Forest University. This highly competitive training program included six years of specific focus on the art and science of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This unique experience allowed Dr. Stoeckel to complete over 5,000 surgical cases under the guidance of world leaders in the areas of craniofacial surgery, cosmetic surgery, and wound healing. His interest in facial wound healing led to award winning research that he has presented at national meetings. During his last year as Chief Resident, he managed a full time cosmetic clinic and mastered the latest techniques in face, breast, and body cosmetic surgery.

Wake Plastic Surgery

Dr. Stoeckel now practices the full scope of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Cary, NC. Wake Plastic Surgery offers the latest technology and techniques to patients in the Triangle region. You will find him to be a compassionate and understanding surgeon with a distinct attention to detail. Patient comfort, satisfaction, and safety are his standard of care and his gentle communication skills are his forte.

Family Life

He also has an exciting family life with his two children. They enjoy a family vacation every year at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri where his grandfather has a modest lakefront home. Lillian and Parke keep him busy at home when he isn’t busy at the office. The only thing that he enjoys more than Plastic Surgery is spending time with his family and maybe playing a round of golf.

Dr. William T. Stoeckel of Wake Plastic Surgery with a young patient on a medical mission in Bolivia

Medical Missions

Dr. Stoeckel has been involved in medical missions to Formosa, Argentina and Cochabamba, Bolivia. He will continue his outreach service through his association with the Partners of the Americas organization. Since 2008, his annual trips have focused on burn reconstruction surgery for the pediatric population in Cochabamba.

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Q&A With Dr. Stoeckel

Why did you decide to pursue plastic surgery?

I believe that plastic surgery is what God has always had planned for my life. I am just walking through the doors that He has opened for me after closing the others that would have led to another profession. Since I was a young boy, I have been artistically inclined and have enjoyed painting and drawing. In late undergraduate and graduate school, I found the study of the human body to be fascinating. I have found plastic surgery to be a natural combination of the art and science of human anatomy and it allows me to solve problems and make people happy.

What is your favorite surgery to perform?

I seem to enjoy the surgeries that have the best outcomes and result in satisfied patients. One of the reasons that I was drawn to plastic surgery was because it encompasses such a variety of procedures. Much of what I love about my job is doing something different everyday. But, if I had to choose what my last surgery would be as I retire, it would probably be a forehead flap nasal reconstruction.

Why did you choose to start your practice in Cary, NC?

After I finished my residency training at Wake Forest University, I considered either staying in the Carolinas or moving closer to my family. My sisters live in Ohio and Illinois and my parents lived in Iowa at the time. The weather options made the decision quite easy for me. My original plan was to join a great surgeon near Charlotte after graduation, but those plans changed after an interesting encounter. I sat next to an ENT surgeon, Dr. Charles Mann, on the plane returning from a Missions trip in Bolivia. During the flight, he convinced me to take a look at the Cary area near Western Wake Med hospital. He had started his own practice and suggested that I try and do the same. Due in large part to his encouragement, Wake Plastic Surgery was born.

Who was the most influential person in your career?

My residency training at Wake Forest University helped me develop my surgical skills, which has allowed me to maintain a successful practice. But I learned much more about true success in life from three particular mentors during my training. Dr. Lisa David modeled for me the sophistication of living for Christ while working in the world of plastic surgery. Dr. Malcolm Marks stressed to me the joy of working extremely hard while emphasizing the importance of family. He was and is a model of efficiency and good taste. And Dr. Louis Argenta demonstrated that doing the right thing is always the best thing, no matter the consequences.

What is the best part of being a plastic surgeon?

In almost all cases, plastic surgery results in patients being happier than they were before surgery. Making people happy is a great way to make a living.

What would you change about your practice if you could?

Not much at all. I feel incredibly fortunate to be doing things exactly as they are. If I could add more time to the day so that I could do even more, that would make things even better.

To what do you attribute your success early in your career?

I believe that God has directed me to be doing what I am doing and where I am doing it. Wake Plastic Surgery is really His practice and much of the success is due to the fact that we have treated things that way. Beyond that, I think that my staff is to be commended for treating each patient as if they were a member of their own family.

Tell us about your family.

I have 2 wonderful children. Lillian is now 13 and is glad school is out for the summer. I have found out that she really likes roller coasters and water parks. I am so glad that she is such a care-free teenager so far.  And Parke is irresistible. He is 9 years old now, likes to ride his bike with the neighbor kids, and has a pretty nice golf swing himself.

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