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Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. Noses can be altered to be different sizes and different shapes with a variety of surgical procedures. Rhinoplasty surgery is almost always cosmetic, but can also be functional if a problematic airway can be improved.

Why choose Wake Plastic Surgery?

Our surgeons carefully selects his rhinoplasty patients to ensure that optimal outcomes can be achieved. A thorough understanding of the complexity of facial anatomy can help avoid many of the pitfalls often seen with “bad” nose job surgeries.

Our Nose Surgery Results

What aspects of the nose are commonly treated with rhinoplasty surgery?

How long is the recovery?

The pain associated with rhinoplasty surgery is actually quite minimal. But the swelling can persist for several months. Patients that have had cartilage removed from the septum will require an internal splint for week. Patients that have had reshaping of the dorsum will require an external splint for a week. Most patients continue to see improvement in the appearance of the nose for up to a year after surgery.

Will I have to wear a splint?

Many closed rhinoplasty surgeries do not require the use of a splint after surgery. But most of them do. If the septum of the nose is used to harvest cartilage used for structural support during the surgery, an internal splint is used to support the septum. If any dorsal hump changes are made, an external splint is used. Both splints are removed 1 week after surgery.

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