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My Experience with the HALO Laser – I Got My Glow!

Posted February 23, 2023 in MedSpa Treatments, Skin Care Treatments, Uncategorized

Do you deal with dull, aging skin and hyperpigmentation? The HALO laser might be for you! HALO – a hybrid fractional laser – uses a combination of ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to treat both surface level and deeper skin concerns, such as melasma, sun-damage, and signs of aging. Below is an interview with our patient, S.C., who was treated with the HALO laser here at the MedSpa at Wake Plastic Surgery. Graphic of a patient with problem-skin.

(To learn even more about this laser, check out our informational page here, and stay tuned for next week’s blog when our CANS-certified aesthetic nurse, Kristi, will be teaching us more about how to achieve that signature HALO glow!)

What skin concerns were you looking to improve with the HALO laser?

I had the Halo Laser at the Med Spa with Kristi Spencer, RN, LME, CANS in March of 2022. I wanted to get the Halo laser treatment on my face to address sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and signs of aging.

What was your experience like during the HALO treatment?

On the day of my procedure, I arrived at the Med Spa and Kristi took me back into a procedure room. She made me feel comfortable and at ease as she explained the process to me. In preparation for the Halo treatment, she applied a topical numbing gel for 40-60 minutes prior to my treatment to make the procedure comfortable for me. Once numb, Kristi rolled the Halo handpiece over my skin until the system recognized that the treatment was complete. The treatment time from start to finish was aboutGraphic of a patient receiving a laser treatment. 1.5 hours and I was able to drive myself home.

During the procedure, I only felt slight discomfort in some areas. It was totally manageable. Kristi calmed my nerves by letting me know how far along we were in the process at each stage. When I was finished, my face felt hot and was very red. Kristi recommended Avène Thermal Spring Water to help calm and soothe the skin post procedure.

What was your skin like the night after your HALO laser treatment? What was it like after a few days?

My recovery went well. My face was very red and hot in the hours right after my procedure. On days 2-4, I had swelling, continued redness and a sandpaper like texture to my skin. By day 5-6, I was feeling a lot less swelling, decreased redness and the sandpaper texture was mostly all gone. I would say my recovery really just took the weekend. Although I could’ve gone out, I just took it easy at home. I was in no pain, just swelling and redness/sandpaper texture. A product that helped me at home during my recovery was Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar. It helped calm my skin and I believe it helped reduce recovery time. Per Kristi’s recommendation, I did also use this product prior to my procedure for about a week. It helped strengthen my skin in the preparation for my treatment.

What was your skin like after the HALO laser treatment? Would you do it again?

It has been almost a year since my laser treatment, and I can’t say enough great things about it. In theGraphic of a patient with glowing skin. weeks after my treatment, I could see and feel immediate results. I even had friends and family asking what I had done to my skin. I definitely felt like I got that “halo glow” that everyone talks about. I also felt I got some unexpected results like tightening of the skin in areas around my jaw. My skin texture felt great and let’s not even talk about all the sun damage I saw lifting. In my opinion this procedure gives so much bang for your buck. I can’t wait to do it again!


If you are interested in HALO or any of the other treatments we offer here at the MedSpa, send us an inquiry here, or call our office to set up your consultation today!

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