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What Is Medical-Grade Skincare?

Posted April 26, 2023 in Skin Care Treatments, Skincare Products, Uncategorized

In recent years, the importance of a good skincare routine has seemingly taken the world by storm. With social-media’s current spotlight on skincare products, it’s becoming more and more common to purchase a new serum or moisturizer when it contains certain buzzwords: things like “vitamin C”, “niacinamide”, “peptides”, and “retinol”. These ingredients and many others have been touted by brands and influencers for their great results – as they should! All these ingredients are great, when used in proper amounts: something that drugstore products can’t always guarantee.

That is where Medical Grade Skincare comes in: products that are considered “medical-grade” are those that have verifiable amounts of their ingredients and can only be sold through licensed physicians. These products guarantee the proper amount of active ingredients necessary for results, which over-the-counter skincare products are usually unable to provide. While those drugstore products may be cheaper, medical-grade skincare has been tested and studied for effectiveness, usually in clinical trials.

Here at Wake Plastic Surgery, all of our skincare lines are certified medical-grade, to aid in our patients receiving the best results possible!

If you are interested in updating your skincare routine to include more medical-grade products, call our office here or submit an inquiry! One of our Patient Care Experts would be happy to chat with you, and even get you scheduled for a consult with a Medical Aesthetician to help you dive even deeper into caring for your skin. If you are a returning patient or already have some knowledge about our product lines, you can also purchase directly through our website, here.

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